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The Driving School in Liverpool where our Driving Instructors can help you pass your driving test.

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Driving lessons liverpool

Driving Lessons in Liverpool


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Driving School Liverpool


As a family run Driving School in Liverpool, We have in a short amount of time compared to most other driving instructors or driving schools built an amazing reputation for reliability in delivering high quality driving lessons in Liverpool. Our Driving Instructors have helped hundreds of new drivers pass their practical driving test. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the very best Driving lesson experience.

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Laura's reccomendation

 I have Been having driving lessons with Matty since June he’s absolutely amazing he’s a lovely guy who makes every lesson easy and fun and makes you feel comfortable couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone who wants to learn to drive. 

Angela's driving lessons review

I have had around 9 driving lessons with Matty and everyone has just made me feel so much more confident i cant stress enough how good he actually is at what he does. I've had a few driving instructors and none off them are as good as matty can't wait for my next driving lesson already and i never felt like before. with the other driving instructors i was more nervous and didn't want to go i know he will help me pass my test and i am confident that i will first time 

Natasha's first driving lesson

 Had my first driving lesson with Matty today and even after just one lesson i would recommend Matty to anyone! I was so nervous when i first got in the car but Matty makes you feel very at ease and i can't wait till my next lesson even had a laugh when i couldn't remember what POM meant 😂😜 Brilliant Driving instructor. 

Our driving instructors


Our driving instructor in Liverpool are highly trained to help you every step of the way in learning how to drive, during your Driving Lessons we can help you with Theory test Training. We can deliver Manual driving lessons and Automatic driving lessons in Liverpool. 

All our Driving Instructors are friendly and understanding, We are very patient with learner drivers that are feeling a little nervous or have had bad experiences in learning to drive with other driving instructors or driving schools in Liverpool

What Driving Lessons we provide


Manual Driving Lessons

Learning to drive in a vehicle with a manual transmission gives you more choice of vehicles after passing your driving test as you will then be able to choose manual or automatic.

A car with a manual transmission has 3 pedals – Clutch, Brake & Accelerator 

During your driving lessons your driving instructor will learn you how to use the clutch pedal to change the gears correctly and promote Eco safe driving.

Eco Safe-driving is about driving in a way that suits you, your car and the environment

and minimises risk to yourself and others. It is driving to reduce fuel consumption,

greenhouse gas emissions, accident rates and noise levels – therefore having a positive

impact on both you as a driver and the environment.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Our Automatic driving lessons takes the stress and worry out of Learning to drive.

In a vehicle with automatic transmission, there are only 2 pedals, Brake and Accelerator.

The learner driver has no worry about stalling at junctions or about hill starts. 

During your Automatic driving lesson in Liverpool, the driving instructor will tell you about the operation of selecting the different driving modes and how to operate the pedals correctly.

Are you ready to pass your driving test?

Driving School Based in Liverpool


If you would like to learn to drive, we understand that you may have lots of questions or something that you're not quite sure of. That's why we are more than happy to help. Just give us a call on 0151 374 0098 to talk to us and we'll be able to answer any questions and settle your nerves.

Paul Passed 1st time

Best Driving Instructor about. I Passed my driving test after only a few months of driving lessons and on my first attempt. I would definately recommend Matty if you would like to be driving in no time 🙌🏻🏅 

Stacey made a change and passed

I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor! Matty taught me so well, really patient and really helped me develop my driving. I wish I would of came to him sooner as not all driving instructors are as great as matty! Thank you!! X 

Tom Passed with us 1st attempt

Boss driving instructor, you only have to look at his reviews to see how good he is at his job. Thanks again Matt, much appreciated. 

Trusted Driving School


If you have searched for driving lessons Liverpool and come across Driving Lessons Liverpool, that's partly because of all the positive reviews that we've had on our Facebook page and elsewhere. We have been offering driving lessons since 2011 and have helped hundreds of people pass their driving test. 

You can contact our team seven days a week to book lessons or simply enquire, if there's someone in your family who would like to start lessons in the next few weeks.

"Matty is the best driving instructor ever. I passed my driving test on the first attempt with him"

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We look forward to hearing from you.

We are a driving school that is always looking to improve so we welcome any feedback.

Should a complaint happen drop us an email with as much detail as possible and we will get it fixed ASAP.

Driving Lessons Liverpool

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